consulting program

With over 5 million albums sold during my twenty-five years of experience in the music business, I found a desire grow inside of me to help other artists. This passion has grown into the formation of a partnership with other friends under the moniker Biologic Consulting. We are not a management firm, a record label or “get signed overnight” scam but rather a group of people and connections that are there for your guidance, help, advice and support.
Once I decide to work with an artist, I evaluate their past and present situation then move onto the immediate and long term goals. I share my knowledge, experience and idea's with the artists and help them reach a new level that seemed previously unattainable. It’s like having an empty backpack that you use to collect my experience, knowledge and ideas. You can call it a short cut to gaining twenty-five years of experience!

Phase I

The beginning of the term starts the evaluation period and setting up a time-table of goals and objectives. Once the meetings are on their way and the machine is working we move onto the second phase of the consulting.

Phase II

We go over the previous weeks goals and tasks, then discuss how everything worked out. Then we move onto the following weeks’ goals.

Each band's needs are different, I cover a wide range of knowledge from producing, promotion, marketing, song writing, basically, anything you need. My biggest asset is my
experience. I’ve seen it all, good and bad, there is nothing that you can throw at me that I haven’t been through.

The main objective is to help bring an artist to the next level.
I have been in the same situation as each of my artists! I am FIRST a musician, an artist with passion, love and self expression that needs to be released.
In this age where there is less and less money to be made for an artist, we find labels and managers taking more and more of the “pie” which leaves us starving.

Managers look out for themselves and pretend they look out for you. It’s simple business. Return on investment. Managers, as much needed as they are, will do everything they can to protect their interest, the bottom line $$$. I'm not saying managers are not necessary because they are, in the end, we need to have our time and minds free to make music, which is the building block of the whole business! Mangers want blood for life, I only ask for a fare compensation for my time, with no strings attached!

A success for me is a band walking away from our time with a backpack full of tools and skills to succeed in the music industry. With that knowledge, a manager, label or otherwise can NOT take advantage of you because of the knowledge I give you! In addition to having the tools to further push their career to a level otherwise un-attainable without Biologic Consulting.


With all that said, if you are interested, we can talk more.

Everyone’s time is valuable! Time is something we don’t get back, any time we spend away from what we love in life must hold a fare and reasonable value to it. While I work with any artist/project through


Biologic, the client gets my 110% attention.


Program Options


This is the most expensive program. It’s like a giant dump of information in a think tank environment. Since there is no plan on returning to Biologic for a weekly meeting so it’s priced accordingly.


No prep work required, just a simple email prior to meeting describing what you would like to discuss.



For these one time meetings: No prep work required, just a simple email prior to meeting describing what you would like to discuss.



For those suited more for career guidance and mentorship, it’s best to have an ongoing relationship for continues communication and support

2 HOURS PER WEEK (2 x week)
*Can be broken up as needed


1 HOUR PER WEEK (4 x month)


1⁄2 HOUR PER WEEK (4 x month)


*All monthly programs are on a minimum 3 month contract paid in advance.

**Longer monthly contracts are available and create a more affordable price point.