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artist and Producer

Biohazard, Powerflo, Billybio

Blood for Blood, Suicide City

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Here at Firewater,

we work with talented

metal, punk, hardcore, rock, alternative bands/artists and help them turn their musical ideas into powerful reality that they haven’t been able to achieve before.

It is almost impossible to find a producer who will be passionate enough to push the limits of a band to the point of greatness, who can objectively make the right calls and not be blinded by being too close to the project.

Billy Graziadei

Biohazard, Powerflo, Billybio



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Having accomplished so much with his kick ass music career, Billy treats every project as he would treat his own. He doesn't settle for mediocrity and he turns their small creative sparks into gigantic fires!


Consulting program for bands and artist by

Billy Graziadei.

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“Billy knows his shit! 30+ years in the game, he knows how to get the killer tones, a great hook & the best song arrangement. From capturing great vocal performances to achieving the hardest guitar crunch & everything in between.”

James Jasta, Hatebreed

“Billy is one of the most musically diverse dudes that I’ve ever known, his vast knowledge of musical styles is what I think sets him apart from others. His ability to work with different kinds of vocalists, connect with them by building them up and making them a better artist than they were before, I think is unmatched. He is involved in every aspect of music from producing to recording and a dynamic live performer as well.”

Sendog, Cypress Hill

“Always on the right side of the tracks! Determination, full blown power and nothing short of it! Billy delivers with genuine passion and the results fall in the pit!”

Roger Merit, Agnostic Front

“I’ve worked with Billy a few times and am constantly amazed with his endless creativity! On top of adding in his 30+ years experience in the music industry, it’s mind blowing how he can help bring your game to a new level! He even got my new band Ocean Hills a record deal!”

Zoli Teglas, Ignite, Ocean Hills

“People should definitely go check Billy out. He’s bein in the game recording for a long time and is very easy to work with !!!! Go see him if you want that big sound!”

Hoya Roc, Madball

“Responsible for some very iconic records and music, you can be sure to get the full production package with Billy Graziadei, who’s roots cover a very wide spectrum due to growing up in New York’s 80’s and 90’s urban music scene. Having worldwide touring experience and talent to project the music and songs live is a major bonus most producers don’t offer. A Skilled writer, Pianist and BJ Black belt with no shortage of ideas,discipline and commitment to take our band Powerflo to the next level.”

Christian Olde Wolbers

Fear Factory, Arkaea, Powerflo, Violence

“We went to Billy because we wanted to work with a producer that would help us get to the next level. Not only did he help us find our sound, but he also helped us arrange our songs in a way that made each of them a unique musical journey. His sense of details and passion transpired at every level of the process. A record deal later, we can’t find any reason not to work with Billy again.“

Vincent Jacob, Yard of Blondes

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Recording & Mixing

Recording & Mixing with the care and attention your project needs.

We will make sure that your production will have the power and punch it deserves!


Producing & Biologic

What does a producer do and what is 'Biologic'?

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Billy explain it all!


Custom Pack

Customize a selection of services from Firewater to serve your project's needs.

Start over from scratch or level up what you already have there!

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Located in Los Angeles (10 mins from LAX), Graziadei has brought his years of experience, talent and knowledge to the left coast and has been booked solid since the studio opened in early 2010!

With some new, great, promising acts such as Cypress Hill super group Powerflo, Brazilian pioneers Raimundos, Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta, Ocean Hills (super group with Ignite and Bush), Yard of Blondes, we've only just scratched the surface.

3 Live rooms - The flexibility to record as a full band simultaneously.

Analog Outboard - Classics, Class A mic preamps and compressors.

Microphone Collection - Wide selection of mics to work best with your genre.

Amps and Pedals - All the tools you need to get the heaviest tones.

Guitars, Bass, Keys or any instrument your project needs will be provided.

You get more than a producer, engineer or a mixer when coming to Underground Sound. Graziadei states, "When I put my name on something, it has to be nothing short of amazing! I put everything into the artists/projects/bands I work with as if it was my own."

Watch the official studio tour given by Billy below!

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Our Work

Our Work

Our Work

Over the years we've worked with: Cypress Hill, Pantera, Powerflo, Hatebreed, Slipknot, Onyx, Fear Factory, Raimundos (Brazil), Downset, DevilDriver, House of Pain, Madball, Type O Negative, Biohazard, Agnostic Front, Blood for Blood, Sick Of It All, Sepultura, Reakwon (Wu-Tang Clan), Life of Agony, Full Blown Chaos, Vinny Stigma, Cro-mags, Krista.

Here are some of those records.

All produced, engineered and mixed by Billy Graziadei



Some of the albums that were recorded in Firewater, produced and mixed by Billy Graziadei

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